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OriginalsTubular adidas is about to be sold in the world in November 20th. Yamamoto Teruji and Adidas cooperation in the extension of the product Qasa Y-3 has its unique and concise style of the great acclaim, but also because of its expensive price to make a lot of shoes fans. The new shoes in the shoe section Tubular, ZX into the details, and equipped with lightweight sole and Y-3 Qasa signs similar to the bottom, full of sense of design. Source: sneakernewsTime: 2008-04-28 15:32 source: Asia Footwear Association of Asia Footwear Association on time yesterday, the eleventh session of the "Expo" successfully concluded. This "will Haibo" turnover intention to maintain growth momentum, the intention reached a total turnover of 6 billion 70 million yuan, an increase over the previous 12%%; signed an investment cooperation projects 9, a total investment of $190 million; the holding of major project foundation 6. This year "will Haibo exhibitors product based on take measures to maintain the foreign trade volume,; yesterday, the Eleventh" will Haibo successfully concluded. This "will Haibo" turnover intention to maintain growth momentum, the intention reached a total turnover of 6 billion 70 million yuan, an increase over the previous 12%%; signed an investment cooperation projects 9, a total investment of $190 million; the holding of major project foundation 6. : next year, Nguyen will be able to see the best cross-country car race at home! Yesterday, the 2010 National motocross venue will be held in Jinjiang the first stop of the news spread like wildfire, triggering enthusiastic response in the off-road fans and readers in Jinjiang. This reporter has learned that the strong economic strength and strong sports atmosphere in Jinjiang are important factors to attract the organizers' favor. And with the support of the relevant departments in Jinjiang, the grade and scale of the cross-country race will go beyond the previous ones. strong economic strength; favored Jinjiang region has a strong economic strength and physical origin, its total economic output ranked first in the province there are many hundred counties, the cheap air jordans online internationally renowned sports brand, is a famous brand of China and sporting goods production." As president of the Federation of motor sports in Fujian Province, Ni Zhiqin has personally participated in and witnessed several national cross-country competitions. He told reporters, Jinjiang strong economic strength and strong sports atmosphere, is to attract the top auto racing organizers choose here important factors. and the organizer of this event, the general manager and director of Fujian guanan Sports Culture Co. Ltd. Xu can, as a "Chinese brand" and the national sports industry base in Jinjiang, after years of development, has been in need of a high standard of race cars and. "The Jinjiang area held many high-end sports activities, and represent the highest standard of COC's arrival, will cause the high-grade car culture here, give the top car wonderful activities give us the people of Jinjiang, will further enrich the brand of sports culture." "the people of Jinjiang have always loved and loved their families; they will do their best to give support and help to the top car race at the gate."." Xu said, this event is held, will attract four sports enthusiasts and sporting goods enterprise managers gathered in Jinjiang, plays an important role in the city of Jinjiang and even the whole Quanzhou City, the overall image of the city at home and abroad to enhance. specification grade beyond previous : the reporter understands that the cross-country event will be held in the five mile Garden Economic Development Zone in Jinjiang next April. At present, the planning and trimming of the competition site have been launched. Xu said, Jinjiang relevant departments to give a high degree of recognition and attention to this event, the preparatory has sent someone to coordinate and support the activities of the contest, the preparatory work in everything in good order and well arranged in. "support from relevant departments in Jinjiang" this morning we have just reported Nike KD 8 elite variety of colors available information, we see is a rule breaking dare to break through the design concept, now the white version of the real figure has been released, we work together to take a look at. source: sneakerbardetroitJordan Future GS "Bleached Turquoise" commercial message reminding 2014-08-15 11:19:38 & nbsp; will soon commercially released Air Jordan Future GS again the pieces of Mito, shoes color using the "Tiffany" blue color, black and loaded in the bottom of the boots. So refreshing in the summer wearing a pair of matching shoes, does not want to introduce the eye is very difficult, and since the upper joined the 3M reflective material including at night wearing the same will be very bright. Jordan Future GS "Bleached Turquoise" Number: 685251-300 expected release date: August 27, 2014 expected sale price: $ 120 & nbsp; Nike LeBron 11 EXT & quot; Blue Suede & quot; Release Date exposure 2014-04-04 14:20:36 & nbsp; January this year, we bring you the Nike LeBron 11 EXT & quot; Blue Suede & quot; spy, and now this new work double EXT series finally announced the sale of information. EXT series cork and denim materials used to bring people to enhance understanding of basketball shoes to another level, overwhelmed by Nike LeBron 11 EXT blue suede shoes, body build, black outsole and tongue and inner lining, making shoes texture becomes even better. & nbsp; Nike LeBron 11 EXT & quot; Blue Suede & quot; Model: 656274-440 Release Date: April 10, 2014 sale price: $ 200 & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; COMME des GARCONS SHIRT New 2013-12-08 23:00:01 As COMME des GARCONS's most successful regional brand, COMME des GARCONS SHIRT sword easy road for its unique design style has been sought after by the majority of the trend of people. The new products in the spring, COMME des GARCONS SHIRT brought a very stunning new shoes for us. As the name suggests, this Colourblocked Brogue big hit color doctrine, the shoe body with a pink, green and blue suede material stitched together, a strong collision color effect unforgettable. However, the influx of people who want to control it well, then still have to spend a good time with it. Weibo Company Cooperative Contact Us Copyright Beijing Seth Times Media Culture Co., Ltd. Copyright? 2015 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP 1302817622 days for a total of 7 games, the Cavs in the home court in the eagle, Paul George won the 20+7+7, to help the Pacers 123-86 victory over the Bucks, Wade scored 27 points against 76 people back, Nicks in the Rockets to taste defeat away. Nike Hyperdunk - Kevin Le Fu 2015 Lebron James - Nike LeBron 13 PE - Nike Air Max Sefolosha 1 Mid JR Smith - Nike Kobe 10 Nike Hyperdunk - Horford 2015 ANTA RR - Rondo 2 - Nike LeBron 9 bad Glen Robinson III - Lining Wade whole city 4With the arrival of warm summer, this well-known sports brand NIKE fan of classic shoes Nike Air Force 1 Low Air Force One, recently announced its 2014 summer new color. Two were introduced, designed in black theme, into the intense atmosphere of national wind stitching design, inside with green, become sharp contrast. Another classic minimalist places navy suede-based, with wine red color, with white outsole show. This time the shoe is on sale in its Titolo, interested friends may pay more attention to yo. in October 26th this year, the European Union and the United States presented a motion on labelling measures to WTO members. the joint motion is a part of the Doha Round negotiations on non-agricultural market access, requires Member States to agree to some label measures shall be deemed to comply with the WTO rules, and therefore not subject to dispute settlement challenges; some other measures should be regarded as a label over trade restrictions against WTO rules. In 2004, the European Union and the United States submitted separate proposals to the world trade organisation. the joint motion aims at enhancing cooperation among all parties, dealing with unnecessary international trade barriers more effectively, and promoting trade in textiles, clothing, footwear and travel goods. When the United States proposed a bill in November 2004, it said the bill was aimed at reducing the difference in labeling at that time, allowing manufacturers to save time and money. In addition to emphasizing the need for standardization of labels, the joint motion notes that labels have an important function of providing information for consumers. motion based on the interpretation of WTO "agreement on technical barriers to trade". The agreement is designed to ensure that regulations, standards, testing and certification procedures do not create unnecessary barriers to international trade. Article 2.2 of the agreement stipulates that WTO members shall ensure that the formulation of technical regulations does not constitute an unnecessary barrier to international trade. Article 2.5 provides that WTO members must, if required, provide justifications for the adoption of technical regulations that may have significant implications for the trade of other members. bill that does not interfere with the trade requirements include: ? Fiber composition, origin and nursing instructions of textiles; ? Material and main origin of footwear, the core part of the fiber;? The composition and origin of travel goods. the motion proposes that WTO members consider allowing non permanent labels to provide the required data and not necessarily using permanent labels. be deemed to include unnecessary barriers to trade measures: tag ? No label used more than 1 kinds of Chinese printed materials; ? Provisions subject to prior approval label, registration or recognition; ban Tag Package)?ASICS recently for its classic Gel Epirus brings a new color. Shoe body suede, and canvas with mesh made with light gray as the main theme, and respectively in the side and into the tongue, followed by red and blue increase highlights, combined with 3M and white light reflecting the details in the end. At present, the shoes have been purchased by Feature Sneaker Boutique, priced at $$85. asics-gel-epirus-light-grey-navy-1.jpg (71.94 KB, download number: 0) download ASICS Gel Epirus new color 2014-12-10 11:18 upload asics-gel-epirus-light-grey-navy-3.jpg (78.08 KB, download number: 0) download ASICS Gel Epirus new color 2014-12-10 11:18 upload asics-gel-epirus-light-grey-navy-2.jpg (81.4 KB, download number: 0) download ASICS Gel Epirus new color 2014-12-10 11:18 upload 00