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Japanese brands in this year's spring and summer are invariably hard to promote Japanese culture, the true traditional Japanese style. In addition to the full range of merchandise visvim season hit "Japansim" theme, another Japanese fashion brand SASQUATCHfabrix. This season's theme is also named for "Japonsim Sunbem" emphasized the Japanese spirit together. This SASQUATCHfabrix. JAPONISM Sandal traditional Japanese clogs the design, not as extreme visvim KOASHIDA restore the original clogs. SASQUATCHfabrix. Also has its own characteristics, the use of wicker as the basic material, but also bring a lot of cool in the summer, although with a tire pattern rubber soles, but the overall production process still continue to use the hundred years ago, retaining a wealth of tradition culture. Source: bee & nbsp; inscription: Hebei province fur industry whether breeding or processing has a long history, can be traced back to 2000 years ago. As the fur animal breeding in Hebei Province, not only has a long winter, low temperature and cold rich in resources such as the development of fur animal breeding industry has more climatic conditions, surrounded by Beijing Tianjin Tangshan region geographical advantage and market advantages, the development of fur animal breedin air jordan 11 space jam for sale g industry prospects can not be limited. there are many unique conditions of the development of Hebei fur industry is not unimpeded. In 2006 the fur industry act as a fuse, around the Hebei fur industry have exposed many drawbacks. This "the storm" makes the fur industry market turmoil as a boat in a stormy, at any time to the Hebei province fur industry association by crowning calamity in the storm in the frontier, and advocating for the industry at the same time, carry out a variety of measures to save the fur industry. The leadership of the association many grassroots market research reports repeatedly; letter to the provincial government, the Provincial Federation of industrial economics and other authorities, reflecting the demands of the industry; advocating self-discipline and integrity to carry out propaganda; held several fur summit, expand sales etc.. In Hebei province Fur Association for the industry unremittingly "scream" led by Hebei province fur industry market has aroused widespread concern, and many for the fur industry struggling also appeared. 2006, large parts of the world continue to warm climate. For the domestic animal fur fur clothing, this is not a very good news, because this will directly lead to the decline in sales. Some proble jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ms on the factors and in 2006 the fur processing market exposure and act, the state adjusted the export tax rebate, the fur industry gradually entered the era of meager profit. 2006 fur market changes, making the 2007 fur market concern, but also to the development of the Hebei fur industry exciting. God helps those who help themselves up. since 2006, the state has issued new policy control high energy consumption, high pollution and resource products for export, leather industry: processing trade ban on the import of raw hides processed into semi-finished or finished leather leather export directly, cancel raw hides, semi-finished products leather and finished leather export tax rebate, and part of the finished leather export tax rebates reduced from 13% to 5%, so that the leather industry is facing new challenges. in the face of this situation, Hebei province fur industry association many times to the supervisor in Hebei province working reflect, Secretary General Liu Yi is repeatedly under the primary market research, for enterprise management, market pre)Reebok's classic shoes Instapump Fury 20th anniversary anniversary theme invite major manufacturers launched joint cooperation, this is invited the famous Taiwan street shops and INVINCI foamposites for cheap BLE cooperation. The two together as the theme in Hawaii, passionate, full of tropical shoe prints and into pink tones are displayed on the screen, with black and Brown Plush material artificial suede spliced, then printing echoes and insole collocation of white Hexalite and bottom cushion. 20140522113442_13.jpg (429.3 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-22 21:06 upload 2.jpg (103.87 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-22 21:00 upload 3.jpg (165.06 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-22 21:00 upload 4.jpg (114.03 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-22 21:00 upload 5.jpg (94.1 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-22 21:00 upload 6.jpg (97.78 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-22 21:00 upload 7.jpg (110.65 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-22 21:01 upload 8.jpg (92.85 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-22 21:01 upload INVINCIBLE 00item: 718948-003We already launched a number of high-quality Air Jordan shoes Hender Scheme has once again released a new masterpiece, the designers also chose Air Jordan 4 modeled, creating an all-black color, the same as the earlier selected high-end overall build quality leather, the shoes respected luxury atmosphere to the extreme. However, the earlier the same as it Cheap air jordans for sale s price is still not able to accept our regular players, or look Jiuhaola. Adidas released its limited-edition adizero f50 Yohji Yamamoto boots 2014-08-27 12:04:29 & nbsp; adidas today announced the latest limited edition Yohji Yamamoto adizero f50 boots. Introduced last year, inspired by the Japanese royal guard Bo the dog's Yohji Yamamoto adizero f50 boots big success, new adizero f50 boots using blue and green design, dazzling. This traditional and modern Japanese science fiction culture combine to create a spirit of the past and the future state of the connection. & nbsp; & nbsp; Reebok Pump Paydirt Mid "Florida Gators" shoes 2013-12-08 23:44:01 This time, Reebok for the NFL star Emmitt Smith in particular has created a "Florida Gators" color of the Pump Paydirt Mid, in honor of his legendary career. The continuation of the Pump Paydirt Mid shoes classic shoes, the use of royal blue imitation crocodile skin shoes, body build, with white and orange decorative details vamp, and equipped with a brown rubber outsole. Retro version by improving grip outsole detail, but also to enhance Pump system as a blessing foot protection. The shoes priced 125 dollars. Like a friend not to miss. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Reebok r jordan shoes online sale ecently re-launched one pair of Ventilator new color, the designer choose to modify details of the cool green, white tone, light gray textured embellishment toe and heel, in urgent need of fresh and eye-catching summer, it there is no doubt greatly enrich the room of our choice, though not a joint models, but we can learn to see the designer's intentions place. It is reported that some stores sold shoes has landed, interested friends may wish to look at it.Jordan Brand has been for the comeback of Jordan Team 2 and Raging White launched Black Bull two versions, in a burst of applause we ushered in the new Chicago Bulls series. This series contains black and white and red two design, the overall design combines the essence of the ancient classic shoes, shoes and Air using Jordan 13 similar lines and layout, the outsole also comes with logo design of the cat's eye, and ankle from Air Jordan 14 unique Ferrari shield Jumpman Logo as embellishment, finally presented in red and black respectively. item: 819175-601 jordan-jumpman-team-2-red-white.jpg (128.7 KB, download number: 3) download Jordan Team 2 Chicago Bulls 2016-4-5 08:41 upload jordan-jumpman-team-2-red-white-1.jpg (120.7 KB, download number: 4) download Jordan Team 2 Chicago Bulls 2016-4-5 08:40 upload jordan-jumpman-team-2-red-white-2.jpg (111.73 KB, download number: 11) download Jordan Team 2 Chicago Bulls 2016-4-5 08:40 upload item: 819175-010 jordan-jumpman-team-2-black-white.jpg (108.78 KB, download number: 2) download Jordan Team 2 Chicago Bulls 2016-4-5 08:40 upload jordan-jumpman-team-2-black-white-1.jpg (107.64 KB, download number: 6) download Jordan Team0 Chinese is light industry association, Chinese Leather Association awarded the "Chinese shoes production base in Guangdong County of Huidong province in recent years, women's production is particularly prominent, last year produced more than 600 million pairs of shoes, the annual output value of 18 billion yuan, accounting for about 1 / 7 of the total production of shoes, Guangdong shoes, shoes China" singles champion". This is from Huidong County of Guangdong province was held in Huizhou City, reporters before the third shoe Cultural Festival on. according to the introduction, the footwear industry in Huidong after 20 years of development, has been before the development of footwear enterprises reached more than 3000, January to September this year, the county has reached 426 million pairs of shoes, the output value of 6 billion 790 million yuan. this shoe Cultural Festival and the previous different, except during the guests to visit and negotiate business, but also increase the "Guangdong Province leather, footwear industry 100 strong shoubian ceremony" and "large models (clothing, shoes) performance" and "national fashion shoes design Grand Prix award ceremony China Footwear Development Forum" and "investment environment Huidong County, promotion and other activities. In Guangdong leather (footwear) 100 strong plaque ceremony, a total of 7 enterprises in Huidong County selected Guangdong fashion women's shoes ten. from Taiwan, Hongkong, Zhejiang, Fujian, as well as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou and other places of more than 1200 shoe-making, shoe materials, shoe-making machinery enterprises exhibitors, the product reached more than 5000 varieties. During the Cultural Festival, a total of 18 projects signed, the signing amount of 520 million U. S. dollars. (Editor: admin)"in 1996 when I was in Korea to participate in a production meeting," Nike athletes innovation project Senior Director Tobey Hatfield recalled, when he was still a footwear product developer, "everyone got a pair of new shoes. When I put on my shoes and stood up, the collar was open. " the imperfect fit reminded Hatfield recently he feedback from a focus group received. There are two basic requirements for runners to participate in the experiment: first, they do not want to fight their heels and shoes, which means the most important is the adhesion of shoes; secondly, they hope that shoes can bring the same comfort with slippers. this pair of shoes prototype brings a revelation. If a runner with 11 yards of feet can wear a pair of shoes of nine yards, this means that Nike needs to rethink the overall size of shoes.North Carolina University, for Sneaker, is no longer an ordinary university. that a North Carolina blue Air Jordan XX9 in the fall, the shoe body is also supplemented by striking "," mascot "Ramses" extremely rich flavor of North carolina. at the same time, as well as uniforms released together, really looking forward to the North Pole men's basketball team's wonderful performance! Vans's high-end feeder Vans Vault has always been adept at interpreting classic designs in the latest way. Recently, Vans Vault launched a shoe called Mid Skool 77 LX, the main material of this shoe is Italy leather and canvas, shoes look at this Nike Blazer shadow, also show retro style. Like friends, go to the Vans franchise store to buy it. 2012-7-6 07:38 upload and download attachments (89.73 KB)