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Madness has released a series of product pictures on the official INSTAGRAM, and attached a note, let's take a look at it. MADNESS B.D.U.SHIRT MADNESS was modeled on the US Army's B.D.U. SHIRT. B.D.U.SHIRT "B.D.U." means BATTLE DRESS UNIFORM, is referred to as American combat uniforms, specifically for war, attendance, training or combat uniforms, there is a strong contrast with the formal private wear uniforms, such as no executive instructions, soldiers must not decide to put on BATTLE DRESS UNIFORM. The B.D.U. combat suit was adopted by the US Army from the early 80s to the early 2000s. While the U. S. A B.D.U. suit, with the upper part of the shirt B.D.U.SHIRT are most favored fashion. MADNESS B.D.U. SHIRT added a tiger camouflage coat, the other with the traditional OLIVE color, print on the back of hand drawn MADNESS words, lightweight breathable fabric is suitable for high quality spring quarter to a level with other, by MADNESS B.D.U.SHIRT is to re create the boys wardrobe essential classic items. MADNESS SOUVENIR JACKET in hot season SOUVENIR JACKET actually originated from the end of World War II at Yokosuka. After the end of World War II, the United States has sent Japanese troops stationed in the port of Yokosuka, here is rich in different kinds of silk embroidery products, when US troops stationed in Japan to commemorate the day dates or as a letter in hand, was commissioned by the Yokosuka local people to make vocational education in Japan by American VARSITY JACKET and MA-1 FLIGHT JACKET as the basic Satin coat, please also local people with different hand embroidered patterns. At that time the main embroidery pattern for the eagle, dragon and tiger three, while the MADNESS season is chosen as the classic "ALASKA POLAR BEAR" pattern also has a long history, choose NAVY and OLIVE to the main material, can be double-sided with (the other side is BOMBER JACKET), injection characteristics for the sweeping tidal current limit SOUVENIR JACKET. MADNESS " STINGRAY" CAP ?? cheap foamposites ????cheap tiffany Chocolate Fudge Pie gothic wedding band sets Autumn picnic tiffany Chocolate Fudge Pie" /〉 diamond rings for sale Dirt cups and beach cups gold jewelry online pumpkin design jewelry online The Best Detox Products to Nurse Damaged Hair Back to Health Marc Anthony Macadamia Oil Conditioning Treatment from InStyle gothic jewellery australia DIY Make Your Own Hair Extensions for less than 60 with 100 human hair from Sally Beauty Supply amp Save cheap tiffany Chocolate Fudge Pie recently, the newly issued enterprise income tax law of the People's Republic of China has attracted the attention of enterprises both at home and abroad for unifying the income tax rates of enterprises at home and abroad. The good times of preferential tax rates enjoyed by most foreign enterprises came to an end. it is understood that our country in the last century at the beginning of 90s has completed the unified foreign enterprise income tax unification and the income tax of domestic enterprises, foreign enterprises have formed a set of applicable "People's Republic of China enterprises with foreign investment and foreign enterprise income tax law", domestic enterprises for "People's Republic of China Enterprise Income Tax Provisional Regulations" and "double track" system of enterprise income tax. The domestic and foreign enterprises income tax rates were 33%, 24%, and 15% of the preferential tax rate for some special areas of foreign-funded enterprises, domestic enterprises to implement 27% profit respectively and 18% second take care of tax, tax class, so that different types of enterprises nominal tax rate and actual tax burden gap. the new "People's Republic of China enterprise income tax law" of domestic and foreign enterprises will be unified income tax rate of 25%, the end of China's use of foreign enterprises for more than 10 years to perform different tax "tax" era. But this undoubtedly adds to the production and operating costs of foreign-funded enterprises to a c jordans on sale mens ertain extent. People's Republic of China in the new "enterprise income tax law" has just passed a period of time, from all aspects of the review there are some people who think that can be heard without end, the tax rate adjustment will affect the enthusiasm of foreign investment in China to a great extent, and the Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai in the subsequent it is said that the China attraction of foreign investment enterprises will not be weakened. Foreign businessmen to China are not driven by a tax factor. Other factors are also important, and these factors are bigger than tax. influence on the reform of the tax law may bring to the foreign companies, insiders said, because the new law is to encourage the service industry and manufacturing industry to promote industrial development limited, so is the most affected manufacturers, especially small and medium sized enterprises. The service industry, such as consulting firms, Financial Services Company and retailers, will benefit from it. : in this regard, the world's largest brand-name sports shoes manufacturer Yu Yuan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. officials said that it is difficult to calculate the impact of the new tax law. But rich human resources, good infrastructure and huge markets are important, which will allow them to continue to invest more in China, which is considering building new factories in the mainland. The head of another Hongkong shoe maker believes that a higher tax burden will easily be offset by profits in China. "Our company plans to be in Guangzhou this year."Yesterday, we brought you the Solemart 2016 shoes summit at the foot of the collection, this time we will take together the inventory of Munich station 20 of the most expensive pair of shoes. In fact, we do not have to look, we can also guess, Yeezy, NMD, Air, Jordan every time the summit is the most eye-catching style, and joint cooperation of crystallization is often valuable, nonsense talk less, let us limit it. solemart-munich-most-expensi Cheap air jordans for sale ve-05.jpg (92.08 KB, download times: 135) download attachment Solemart 2016 Munich station's 20 expensive pair of sneakers, 2016-12-1 upload at 12:15 solemart-munich-most-expensive-22.jpg (128.86 KB, download times: 133) download attachment Solemart 2016 Munich station's 20 expensive pair of sneakers, 2016-12-1 upload at 12:16 solemart-munich-most-expensive-21.jpg (126.63 KB, download times: 135) download attachment Solemart 2016 Munich station's 20 expensive pair of sneakers, 2016-12-1 upload at 12:16 solemart-munich-most-expensive-20.jpg (110.64 KB, download times: 139) download attachment Solemart 2016 Munich station's 20 expensive pair of sneakers, 2016-12-1 upload at 12:16 solemart-munich-most-expensive-19.jpg (110.11 KB, download times: 132) download attachment Solemart 2016 Munich station's 20 expensive pair of sneakers, 2016-12-1 upload at 12:16 solemart-munich-most-expensive-18.jpg (136.96 KB, download times: 140) next 0 The Golden State Warriors is Lin's career began, if said after the Knicks period 'linsanity' linsanity show Lin's breakout force, the rocket team is game hardening is more mature stage, then at this stage of the Los Angeles Lakers, let you witness against him's mindset and ability, and in recent years become Lin partner Adidas also gave bound to support, 2.5 low this season he's Crazyquikc and yesterday for the Crazylight boost low endorsement versions all have many of its individual elements. support and cladding upgrade of Crazyquick 2.5 LowIn recent years, Adidas senior designer Robbie Fuller led Crazyquick series belonging to the adiPure family, let the shoes like shoes, Crazyquick 2.5 Low upgrade is increased the whole foot underneath, and the combination of the tongue as one of the space, more fit than the previous version and the last foot, shoes the band is also integrated into the inner boot, when fasten shoelace allow the feet are fixed more properly, Crazyquick 2.5 Low is a series of quick to maintain blood, but the level of protecti Cheap foamposites for sale on of the evolution of the feet shoes this year during the Spring Festival, Jeremy Lin also wore designer Chris Hill to create special version to you long paddle the pattern of connecting the East element symbol of Jeremy Lin put on this section after the boots can beat smoothly. the first double Boost in the bottom of the lower cylinder basketball shoes Boost Low Crazylight debut Boost low, Crazylight become boost basketball shoes in the first pair of low cylinder version of shoes, Adidas is enough meaning help Lin prepared the player version, the continuation of the previous head, this time on the tongue to overweight the has a bright leather trim and insole signature motifs JLIN17 words, although only shoe endorsement has a series of individual treatment, said sincerity is dye in the wood. the two Adidas crazy light boost low 'Jeremy Lin' and Crazyquick 2.5 low will and Jeremy Lin together in the NBA debut, look forward to Jeremy Lin can wear them in Zijin corps to footing and continued to show his warrior puts together the vigor and the will. search APP Store to download and install when guest artifact, popular shoes, grab a single free shoes; post appraisal, true God, "recently, the Jordan Future family has added new members, and this time Nike brought Jordan, Future, Low, Cool, Grey, cool gray color, like cold air as cold as the incoming. 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Jordans 1 Retro Are More Modern" /〉 I like this news,and it's from familiar with NBA students know, true center is harmonic fans of the green army guard Lang said, because the body is controlled Wei Lang much from time to time will play some rebound double "center stage" data. in the season has ended in five games, Lang "true" center field were rob 8.0 rebounds, the team ranked second, after the team the first big striker SA Lin Jie (8.4 per game), but Rondo is not this season the most frenzied "center", the Hornets Stephenson in brush rebounding will already behind it. in and after the Lakers grab 10 rebounds, Lance Stephenson seven games total grab 73 boards, 10.4 per game ranked ninth League. At the same time, he is also currently rebounds in the top 20 players in the only defender. there is no doubt, lance is a hard-working player, although temporarily not into the Hornets' offense (averaging only 8 points, hit rate of 30.6%), but he is very good will devote themselves to the defense and rebounding, in the past seven games, Lance 4 rebounds double, single field minimum rebound is as high as 7. in fact, as early as last season, Lance has demonstrated his relative height (1.98 meters) of the outstanding ability to rebound, last year, Lance field are able to grab 7.2 rebounds, is the number one person on foot. Stephenson rebounds often soar, he often rebounds gualing mate Hibbert face natural hang not to live, but people think that high lance rebounding enthusiasm (say bluntly is on data madness) "sucked" the some of the Hibbert rebounds, so it is difficult to blame Hibbert last season was not criticized someone on the team was too selfish. to bring the topic back to the true center"...... In addition to the Rondo and Stephenson, this season's "true center" also includes the Bucks guard Brandon knight, in the past eight games, Knight field can grab 6.5 rebounds, which three times become team in rebounding. of course, taking into account the knight as trainer of the year is among the highest in the history of the NBA defender rebounds crazy Kidd, Knight of the backboard soared high it is not surprising that the, in fact, in Kidd's tune. This season Knight data is averaging 17.6 points and 6.5 rebounds 7.3 assists and 1.4 steals, and shot 43 percent from 3-point range 45.5% -- in addition to score all career highs. in addition, already from everyone in sight disappeared for a long time Tyreke Evans also in early season game show "true center" style, rebounds per game as high as 7.8, worth mentioning is, he this data is eyebrows brother and Asik two rebounds in the crazy side get, full gold content. another let person accident "center" is the warriors of Stephen curry, the curry rebounds per game up to 6.3 times, second only to the two first inside green and Andrew Bogut. In the 6 game has ended, a total of two rebounds double curitiba. we not only have the news, we are about the ball artifact, 〉"Magician" fragment Design and Nike joint launch of each pair of shoes in the sneaker circle caused a great sensation, it not only led a series of "unpopular" shoe money, but also let a lot of classic shoes on the more difficult to find. The day before the two sides together again, for we created a Air Trainer 1, the design inspiration from Wimbledon, with white color Lvshuang outline classic lightning Logo embellishment on the heel. It is reported that the joint series will be on sale in July 2nd, like friends can pay attention to the next.Nike Air Yeezy 2 "Net" personal customized version of 22:41:34 before the big neaker appreciate 2013-12-08 website as we reported Nike Air Yeezy 2 in the next year will launch third new color news, this exciting news also sparked countless Master build new shoes custom color Air Yeezy 2 enthusiasm. Recently, custom shoes by Air Yeezy Dejesus Master; 1 is a classic color for inspiration, to create the Air Yeezy 2 "Net", the pink lining is particularly eye-catching, let us look forward to next year for the official version of the third colors!There are reports that China 361 sporting goods company will raise about $200 million for the public in Hongkong. Reporters yesterday to contact this 361 company, but the company refused to respond. According to the Hongkong Morning Post reported, China footwear manufacturers and distributors 361 sports plan next year in Hongkong for the initial public offering (IPO), intends to raise about $200 million, equivalent to 1 billion 560 million reported, China 361 degrees sports goods company will set the investment of about $200 million for the public in Hongkong. Reporters yesterday to contact this 361 company, but the company refused to respond. According to the Hongkong Morning Post reported, China footwear manufacturers and distributors 361 sports plan next year in Hongkong for the initial public offering (IPO), intends to raise about $200 million, equivalent to HK $1 billion 560 million. market news that 361 has hired Credit Suisse and Merrill Lynch two international investment bank, to assist Hong Kong listing next year. So far, XTEP International (1368.HK) and (3813.HK) a total of two Baosheng international sporting goods company listed on the main board of the Hongkong. Shares in the two companies have fallen by 32.8% and 6% respectively last month. Company xdlong sports leisure goods according to the original plan listed in July of Hongkong also announced the listing plan. (editor in chief: admin)The emergence of new people a little dizzying, how many new products in the rise above the common herd? This double Jordan Flow can make your eyes bright! This use of leather and breathable mesh surface of the shoe body, supplemented by the classical burst pattern elements interspersed with Jumpman with red decoration, finally with white bottom end. item: 833969-001 Jordan-Flow-Black-Cement-4.jpg (224.07 KB, download number: 9) download Jordan Flow Black Cement 2016-5-6 11:45 upload Jordan-Flow-Black-Cement.jpg (214.38 KB, download number: 10) download Jordan Flow Black Cement 2016-5-6 11:45 upload Jordan-Flow-Black-Cement2.jpg (242.8 KB, download number: 7) download Jordan Flow Black Cement 2016-5-6 11:45 upload Jordan-Flow-Black-Cement-3.jpg (214.31 KB, download number: 12) download Jordan Flow Black Cement 2016-5-6 11:44 upload Jordan-Flow-Black-Cement-1.jpg (218.5 KB, download number: 7) download Jordan Flow Black Cement 2016-5-6 11:44 Jordan Black, upload, Taiwan, to the new 00