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Italy shoes the first brand GEOX announced a partnership with AOKANG to build a production base likes two shoe enterprises to join in anti-dumping this reporter Liu Qili reported that in October 7th, the European Union decided to formally impose a 16.5% anti-dumping duty on Chinese shoes, and domestic enterprises should actively respond to the complaint. Reporters learned yesterday, the largest private shoe enterprises AOKANG group has announced the hiring of "the first anti-dumping lawyer Pu Lingchen filed a lawsuit to the court of first instance, sued the EU Council issued the" levy 16.5% anti-dumping tax regulations "does not comply with the relevant laws of the European Union, this is the first in china. at the same time, because many European companies invest in China has become a scale, but also by the European Union anti-dumping duties, the interests of a great impact. They also began to look for ways to reduce losses. And AOKANG group has been in partnership with the Italy shoe brand GEOX first announced this week with AOKANG to establish production bases, and jointly deal with the EU to make the next two years China shoes to levy 16.5% anti-dumping duties. It is understood that after cooperation between the two sides, AOKANG will receive GEOX international channels, GEOX let AOKANG enter the global sales network and design development areas, from now on no longer be subject to anti-dumping barriers to trade. And GEOX will also have access to AOKANG's domestic market. GEOX brand in 2003 with AOKANG production of GEOX shoes, only in the domestic sales. CO production of GEOX shoes, each pair of shoes priced 20 to 30 euros, but AOKANG did not take advantage of t Cheap jordans online he GEOX international channels. After the joint establishment of production base, GEOX Asia market layout will also be transformed, AOKANG group has access to international channels, but also to invest in the eyes of the European market. AOKANG group president Wang Zhentao said, according to AOKANG's original 3 to 5 years strategy, export volume of the EU accounted for more than 70% of the total export volume, so the impact of anti-dumping can not be ignored. Wang Zhentao said, after the two companies teamed up, not to say that AOKANG can not pay anti-dumping duties, but this unfair trade will be lost because of technical cooperation, which is a case of governance. The 100th Chinese Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair), AOKANG Group Import & export company business manager Xiao Haidong said that since the opening of the Canton Fair, the European merchants did not see the basic shadow, mostly in the Middle East and Latin American customers. Generally reflect the shoe-making enterprises participating in the fair this year, exports to the EU is affected, because the order has a lag period, the first half of the export figures decline is not large, but since July the effect is obvious. (Editor: admin)After just exposed Bright Crimson color, Nike Hyperdunk 2015 also ushered in this black and silver color. A new blend of black, silver and white three colors in its subversive design vamp, while embedded Flywire and thicker Lunarlon midsole let this fit feel and the cushioning performance have a leap upgrade. nike-hyperdunk-2015-white-grey-black.jpg (73.62 KB, download number: 32) download Nike Hyperdunk 2015 black and silver color 2015-6-13 09:24 upload nike-hyperdunk-201 foamposites for cheap 5-white-grey-black-1.jpg (101.97 KB, download number: 33) download Nike Hyperdunk 2015 black and silver color 2015-6-13 09:24 upload nike-hyperdunk-2015-white-grey-black-2.jpg (116.53 KB, download number: 33) download Nike Hyperdunk 2015 black and silver color 2015-6-13 09:24 upload nike-hyperdunk-2015-white-grey-black-3.jpg (115.79 KB, download number: 45) download Nike Hyperdunk 2015 black and silver color 2015-6-13 09:24 upload nike-hyperdunk-2015-white-grey-black-4.jpg (104.51 KB, download number: 37) download Nike Hyperdunk 2015 black and silver color 2015-6-13 09:24 upload nike-hyperdunk-2015-white-grey-black-5.jpg (193.15 KB, 0 DownloadsNBA last generation of Native American Super Center, his courage without discipline, fell to the ground, and Rodman (Dennis & middot; Rodman) entangled. In addition to Charles & middot; Buckley, Karl Malone, seems to be only a few dare and Rodman trouble after the end, dare to stare toward the referee guy. His iron will: he was he and Luke · Longley double face twisted, the roar of the attitude. He is definitely the most powerful NBA defense center. When completed a shitailichen dunk Alonzo & middot; Mo Ning always, without reservation show their biceps, the game atmosphere to a climax. Where are all the time - Mo Ning superhuman physical quality and metamorphosis of creativity, passion in the blood transport to be transported to each joint of a body, brain cells in does not stop cloning about teasing opponents and let the audience stood up and scream gene and with the fastest speed of translation into enzymes required for the catalytic reaction. No matter how other coach comments on him, with the famous bran cheap jordans d mineral water instead of him, hit the 4 day or simply a contract buyout and the like, who had to admit, we have never seen someone so play, even the pistol, and he is the comparison people hard to install. At least I think so. Like mind Russell in the Crowe Beautiful, the total number of people with some ordinary people can not understand the nature, they are referred to as a madman. Where are all the time - white chocolate -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- attention more sneakers related information, as in the slam dunk, welcomed the public subscription number, micro channel search DUNKHOME and subscribe to the surprise and daily guess shoes to play the game, beauty and your various interactive Oh! Micro-blog search dunk home, understand the latest information. /〉Jerry · the second generation Fila Stack boots Stackhouse endorsement of the 2 primary colors in the launch, at a price of $100, achieved good sales performance. The new Materialites color will be 30 this month on sale, the cool gray suede shoes not only low-key also full of retro feel rich, love friends can look at. 360 -5358250.jpg (28.16 KB, download number: 1) download FILA Stack 2 Materialites 2015-1-25 09:47 upload 360 -5409234.jpg (32.15 KB, download number: 2) download FILA Stack 2 Materialites 2015-1-25 09:47 upload 00The famous shoes custom for Jamaica Mache game player superstar Kofi Kingston carefully build a customized version of LeBron Soldier 10, this with the unicorn as the design theme, colorful pattern and toe shoe horns so brutal competition had a different kind of fun. 1.jpg (437.91 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron Soldier 10 private customi Cheap foamposites for sale zed version of the 2016-8-23 08:45 upload Nike, private, Broolyn, Kingston, Jamaica Tony 2016-8-23 08:46 on this topic by the 00 generation, in order to celebrate the arrival of the monkey year, street brand Stussy teamed up with the Japanese accessories expert JAM HOME MADE, bringing a new joint series. Three of them are black with Turquoise Bracelet, red agate and tiger material, accompanied by a black leather wallet. The series of single products are also specially designed "SS" metal Logo as detailed decoration. It is reported that the series of accessories will be officially landed in the near future Stussy, Japan and ZOZOTOWN offering, pricing from to 9500 to 24000 yen range. followed the footsteps of Sneakerboy and Wish, and the two fashion names of END. and Bodega will cross over the boundaries and cultural exchanges in the new Sneaker Exchange Adidas Consortium project. From Britain and the United States of Boston new Custer in the two fashion name this time select the Adidas Originals Runner and Iniki hybrid innovation shoes classic Haven as the blueprint, from the sewing process of collage inspiration, through the re interpretation of stitch to jogging culture. The former shoe body by blue, black tone different tannin material mosaic, brown leather lining and collocation of white BOOST in the bottom; and the latter with light brown suede to continue the high-end retro style, with both sides of the three line to show and Clover tannins, Logo add a fine sense of thorn in the heel. According to Adidas Originals official micro-blog news, this new joint series will be officially launched on July 8th, please look forward to!thanks to Jordan I of North Carolina air jordan 11 space jam for sale origin, "North Carolina" color has been Jordan Brand classic and fans chasing. Recently came news, Air Jordan 7 "Pantone" will be officially shelves in April this year. Air Jordan 7 "Pantone" recently released dates back to 2014, Jordan Brand set, undoubtedly at the time made no small looting phenomenon. And on this pair have obvious color logo, Air Jordan 7 of the bearing is more like an inheritance, is also good for collectors. On this pair of shoes, North Carolina blue through the main features of it, in contrast with the white bottom, creating the most classic touch. According to network news, the double color will return in April this year, will also please keep attention. Which player is the greatest? This list could not have an objective judgment, because a lot of people to do their best, and the industry's peak level, can not say that this person will suppress another person. But the public and the media are in love list. We are happy to look at your good heart is also into a great list. This week is the ESPN memorial site was established 20th anniversary weeks, so with "20" in the title, inventory of 20 athletes in the past 20 years in sports. The most powerful position of course is to give God figures, Michael · Jordan who dare say he not? He is not only influenced a generation, even now many children through video to watch his former glory. Lebron · James ranked second, a total of 2 titles and 4 MVP is placed in front of the fact, but he was out of the last 10 years was the debut, seems to be some "young compared to other qualifications". But you who Kobe was ranked eighth Oh, this is the rhythm of pull hate? Don't laugh but Messi only in twelfth! The football who are not! If is the European media to engage the 20 athletes ranking, hum, football will stand up. 11. Shakuier · O'neal (basketball) 20. Sidney · Crosby (ice hockey); text: MH &N after Kobe came into the league, on between the two who wins or negative topic never ever stop, to the author. MJ has the glory of second degree three peat, Kobe has five crown 81 points in the legend, the great, insist to compete there is really no point, phase contrast, their feet boots classic battle of everybody sneaker who should be more interesting. By foreign famous website nice kicks specially arranged two career for a few grips the picture, in addition to the comparison of data, through the recorded images we can enjoy the two superstars of the feet of the classic in the year shine posture, remember the good times! 1997/12/17Vs BullsLALwins: Bull Strictly speaking, this and not Jordan and Joe God first showdown, because the first two games, Kobe only get 5 points, while Jordan has averaged 28.5 points, the gap between the poor, but from the game after the Kobe began to break out of the cocoon and show its strong desire to attack. Was a second grade students in the Kobe as usual from coming off the bench, but the momentum and existed obviously different, the film can also see in several waves of attacks in two people with each other exchanges. Eventually Kobe wearing Adidas as he launched the first pair of personal shoes KB8 obtained 33 points, 2 assists and rebounds and 3 grades and MJ also embraced the challenge of, take more powerful 36 points, 4 assists and 5 rebounds and take away victory, with black and white with the air jordan 13 "he got game" can be said to be face shoes win-win. But after the game, not only Jordan himself, the world's audience are aware of the wearing No. 8 purple Jersey boy, although young, but the ambition is very great. Bryant Kobe / KB8 Adidas / 33 Jordan Michael / Jordan Air 13 / 36 1998/2/1Vs BullsLALwins: Lakers Bryant Kobe / KB8 Adidas / 20 Jordan Michael / Jordan Air 13 / 31 time came to the February. The game is two people this season for the second time. At the same time also the last to the identity of the Lakers and Chicago Bulls team in the regular season play. Last time against the Lakers reason by more than 20 points gap defeated, I believe that there is a large part of the reason is from Shaquille o 'Neal's absence. Even if Jordan has 〉??????air max hyperfuse neon lime green Skaft River near Laki Iceland by Sigand Quiet Land amp Serenity Iceland and Rivers sneakers online jordans Dachshund adorable ones Dachshund Pets and Sweets max hyperfuse neon lime green Skaft River&nbs" /〉 womens clothes online uk by JR in NYC LP Street Art amp Alternative Art Nu est Jr Lps and Nyc ballerina shoes for babies painting Art Abstract Abstract Paintings and Abstract Oil Paintings air max hyperfuse neon lime green Skaft River near Laki Iceland by Sigand Quiet Land amp Serenity Iceland and Rivers At the end of August and early September officially released, the biggest news is obviously shoes circle of the thirty-second generation Air Jordan XXXII. in addition to the release of color scheme and shelf date, there is no picture about Air Jordan XXXII until today... believe that we have been in this picture the scraper, said it was a real local figure Air XXXII Jordan. The black dress perfectly fit the starting color scheme Black/University Red, Jumpman Logo, you can see the shoe head with 23 words, there are signs of tongue on the wing! After in the 31 generation tribute Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 32 generation salute 2 seems logical, as the 2 generation, 32 generation is also present on the tongue wing logo, it is designed to pay tribute to the perfect! , but wait a minute! This pair of shoes seems a bit familiar! in Muskmelon Cameron · Anthony a recent practice, he saw a pair of feet have never seen black shoes, and other unique leather uppers, knitted shoes feel today is not with this Jordan suspected Air XXXII pictures extraordinarily similar? The is consistent with the texture design, but the melon set is black and white and cannot be compared to the red part. then contact a recent shoe news "melon Nuggets color Air Jordan 2" "Melo next year", it seems to understand what, Melo and Air Jordan 2 in the new year, there should be new action. so today's exposure could be Air, Jordan, XXXII, and probably the next generation of Melo signature sneaker Jordan Melo M14. The secrecy of Air Jordan generation has always been exceptionally rigorous, with the possibility of leaks ahead of so many days and still very low probability. Before , the test of Wei little also is airtight, cannot allow melon to be exposed with respect to. this time the 32 generation of the first color name for the MJ Day, as the red color, will be officially on sale in October 18th, priced at $$185. Air, Jordan, XXX2, " MJ Day" number: AA1253-001 color: Black / campus red release date: October 18th sale price: $185 , get excited, calm down, Air, Jordan, XXX〉