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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] According to the group's Web site Macys Macy m by "THE MOST INSTAGRAMMED FASHION BRANDS" Macys released statistics show, fashion sports brand Nike's official account in the amount of 18,717,397 fans, and ranked First, far beyond the number two Adidas Originals; join #Nike in the published photo tag amount even reached 47,747,998, more than double the second ranked luxury brand Prada's. & nbsp; amount of fans in the brand, Louis Vuitton ranked third, Dior, Gucci and Prada were ranked seventh, ninth and tenth. The added amount when publishing photos # label, in addition to the sixth and seventh of Vans Shoes Adidas, the top ten are luxury brands. Since light luxury brand Michael Kors as Instagram after the first advertisers appear, all brands have to enter a new platform, even the luxury brand Chanel also last October to join them. The photo-sharing application Instagram has gradually become a fashion and beauty brands compete for users brand new battlefield. According to DIGIDAY brand edit Shareen Pathak information statistics show that after the opening of an account on Instagram American free makeup beauty brand Benefit Cosmetics, customers there have been significant improvements, many customers will be through to the physical store to buy or looking at brand Instagram there had been on account of the specific product. Benefit not the only one to see the results of the brand. US Cosmetics brand Est & eacute; e Lauder announced a partnership with the model Kendall Jenner on Instagram, the emergence of a substantial number of fans grow. A Est & eacute; e Lauder spokesperson said that this is the fastest growing brand platform, "We hope that there can become a fan of our consumers and our customers are very fond of beauty enthusiasts Instagram, because it is visual. and easy-to-consumption of nature. " Recently, the US fashion brand Proenza Schouler have joined to launch the brand's Instagram accountproenzaschouler, with a series of pictures that fans understand the story of the brand 2015 autumn and winter clothing series producer behind. Designer Jack McCollough think, "Instagram will be a very good platform to share some of our attention to detail the process, and those who are often overlooked by traditional media." According to Instagram data show that the brand has received more than 341,000 fans. Brand designer Lazaro Hernandez said they had more direct involvement of the Proenza Schouler brand Instagram operational direction. "User experience is about the discovery and visual culture, so it is natural, Instagram in the fashion industry has become so influential." He added. In addition, the research team at Indiana University, said the report, they use advanced computational methods to model their data were analyzed on Instagram, the new model can predict which will win, and the accuracy rate of up to 80%. Research team members inside the computer scientist Emilio Ferrara said: "Our analysis shows that, for the time speculated that show the new darling of the problem, the model of Instagram with their equally important in the brokerage firm." pos jordan shoes online sale tdoctoral researcher complex networks and systems R & D center Luca Ciampaglia said: "Social media makes this industry has undergone great changes, previous models generally do not interact with consumers, but now their online activities on their popularity has an important role, and even enable them to achieve the final success. "It seems, Instagram has gradually comprehensive coverage of the fashion industry. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News) PUMA in order to meet the "horse" the arrival of its extension TAKUMI Suede and Suede Mid went to two pairs of classic shoes as the blueprint, "Year of the Horse to bring this" don't note series. In black and brown as the main theme throughout, two pairs of shoes are made of high quality leather with luxury and Japanese traditional crafts made of horsehair through the shoe body, the tongue in laser marked as "Ma", and were equipped with brown and white glue and signature. The series of shoes are made in Japan, and the quality can be guaranteed, and will be officially landed at PUMA designated stores in the near future. texture of choice / Vans Era 59 CA, "Pig Suede" classic retro run rise, /Patta x Diadora N9000 joint shoes review on an article: texture selection / Vans Era 59 CA Pig Suede next article: classic retro run rise, /Patta x Diadora N9000 joint shoes with the upcoming 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the sports brand Nike earlier have released a variety of Tiempo 94 "this thought also saw the preheating, released the new" Suede "series. In the classic Tiempo '94 on the leisure outline inspiration of design, the use of black, green and red color suede materials form the body of the shoe, and is equipped with a translucent outsole. At present, this series of shoes has been purchased through , Hype, DC , and other designated stores. The has a bright spot / artist, Skullphone, and Volcom, with its first shoe range. The new color has the highlights of the /Nike KD VI brand new color design "Away II" commented on : "there's a bright spot on the sole / artist, Skullphone, and Volcom." the next shoe line comes in: the new color has a bright spot, /Nike, KD, VI, new color design, "Away, II." inspired by the classic Slip-On style, Vans launched this summer for the improvement of wearing shoes, shoes with printing washed canvas, vulcanized outsole and straw bottom choice, very easy to wear off. This year has been favored by the Chauffeur shoes this season will be launched in black, blue, color design, shoes shoes classic is suitable for all kinds of summer collocation. This season, the shoes are still equipped with removable and washable comfortable environmental insoles, outsole 100% recyclable environmentally friendly rubber material. Premier X Saucony officially released the "Sweets" series of official models and so on for two years, and finally to the Air Jordan 3 Regression news commented on last article: "Premier X Saucony" this time officially released the "Sweets" series of official styling next article: wait two years, and finally wait until the news of Air Jordan 3 Regression classic engraved once again with its 1982 release of classic running shoes Internationalist as an outline of the blueprint, Nike recently launched a new Hyper Cobalt/Gym Red-Deep Royal Blue color. The shoes continue the iconic contour, with suede, nylon mesh with three different texture of the material composition of the shoe body main material, with blue as the main theme throughout, and into the red Swoosh and the heel in contrast, equipped with white and black rubber outsole midsole. Reebok Instapump Fury World Cup match Gothic Solebox Reebok and Patrick Mohr gift to create branded shoes Comments on a Reebok Instapump Fury color: the world cup a Gothic Solebox Reebok and Patrick Mohr. To create branded shoesrecently, Adidas and the United States major league together for the four teams: Losangeles galaxy, New York City, FC, Orlando city and Seattle Bay people launched a special edition of jerseys "Adidas x Parley"". The suit is environmentally friendly, and the jersey fabric is made of recycled plastic floating in the ocean. Use gray and white as the main colors for the jerseys. At the same time, the ribbon on the collar is also printed with the words "For the oceans" of the marine environmental protection organization. Poké ; mon imperceptibly, has gone through 20 years, Japan has also recently released twentieth Poké mon film series, while the Japanese McDonald's this will launch a special limited edition of the image of Picacho wheat cyclone, including two flavors of chocolate and banana are available. It is reported that limited Picacho cyclone will be in early August officially added price of 290 yen. Friends in Japan must not miss it ~Nike basketball releases FLIP THE SWITCH series 2017-04-13 14:19:28 is about to ignite the flames of war to the playoffs, including four pair of boots series will be available in May. With the heat of the playoffs rising, Nike basketball FLIP THE SWITCH series, with its unique gradient texture and broken Nike logo, shows the intense tension in the playoffs . The four signature shoes were James · Lebron (LeBron James), Kevin · Durant (Kevin Durant), Kaili · Erwin (Kyrie Irving), Paul · George (Paul George) tailored, both with a unified style elements, but also include their respective characteristics of the one and only and help them to attack the championship. LEBRON 14 designed for James's explosive style of play, LEBRON 14 uses black and white matching uppers and a visual Zoom Air air cushion unit, providing an excellent cushioning system for the four MVP and three championship winners. KD9 ELITE Kevin · Durant wants Jinzhou to win the gold cup, so his KD9 ELITE with mixed color gray Flyknit Zoom Air in upper air cushion unit full palm on the bottom of the gradient in the collocation of gold. KYRIE 3 in the seventh game of last year's finals, Erwin helped Cleveland win the first championship with a key three pointer. The good point guard for this year's playoff to do the same for him a pair of dark grey KYRIE 3 with blue violet outsole and dazzling independent grip module. PG1 PG1 has sparked a wave of public opinion both at home and abroad since its first release in January, . In the bottom of deep gray PG1 George collocation bright forefoot bandage and gradient. contains four pair of boots FL〉Nike Sportswear 2015 Spring Sale shoes recently officially surfaced. 's Huarache Light new color exposure represents the classic technology series shoes - Nike Huarache will usher in a full season this season. and Air Max also release a variety of colors, of which the biggest bright spot is in the shoes into leather elements. Nike Sportswear will never let you down this spring, ~ Nike Air Max has not stopped the pace of innovation, recently, Nike, Air, Max, ST and launched a new color shoes. shoes are made of mesh, leather and leather. They are made of white, gray and black, and they are equipped with visible air cushion. , which matches the lining and heel with sky blue, is reminiscent of the classic Huarache. learned that this model will be on shelves in the store in the spring. [pictures from the network, FROM:FOOTSELL] 2014 ?? 4 30, to overturn the traditional design concept of the new adidas Originals ZX Flux series has finally come to China, and in particular to create a Pop Up Store in Shanghai Jiahe adidas Originals stores, the ZX Flux complete story presented in front of everyone. The minimalist design trend ZX Flux series perfectly Reinterpreting the classic 1980s technology pioneer movement ZX8000, to be loyal to the original, beyond the self-pay tribute to the classic approach. In the evening's activities, the current classic sports brand Adidas Greater China managing director, Ms. Rachel Howard arrived at the scene, told a visiting media about the design and development process inspiration tide classic shoes, and many sneaker fashion industry veteran who discuss ZX FLUX unique design details. Pop up store is also using simple primitive style, full of post-industrial streets of treason and with the nature of space and the display of the various models ZX8000 ZX FLUX series. The day of the event also attracted to the fashion tide people come, they have to wait to try the prerelease ZX FLUX, this classic style has been all the evening's street photographers shoot of recording.After last year Henan shoe exports first broke 100 million dollar mark, this year Henan shoe exports value exceeded 200 million dollars for the first time, reached 209 million dollars. after last year's Henan footwear exports first broke 100 million U. S. dollar mark, this year, Henan footwear exports value exceeded $200 million for the first time, reaching 209 million U. S. dollars. yesterday, the reporter was informed by the Henan entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, as of December 5th, Henan cumulative exports of 4421 batches of footwear products, the value of 209 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 30.5%, respectively, 65.5%. , Henan entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau officials believe that footwear exports to break through $200 million, and undertake industrial transfer has a close relationship. As the world's largest brand footwear manufacturers Taiwan Baocheng international group and a large number of Taiwanese footwear enterprises settled in Henan, Henan Province, the footwear production scale expanding. at the same time, based on last year exported around the world nearly 70 countries and regions, the export of footwear market in Henan province this year's 11 new exporters, which provides protection for the Henan footwear export volume. (editor in chief: Editor) : Jordan sports this Friday, the company's main business for sports shoes, sports apparel and sports accessories design, production and sales. Jordan sports IPO, it is easy to think of "flying trapeze", Jordan and the company? This is Jordan Jordan Although the logo Jordan sports is a basketball player layup shape, but the "Jordan" with the American basketball star Michael · Jordan did not have any relationship, the actual controller is a pair of Ding Guoxiong and Ding Yezhi couples in Fujian city of Jinjiang province in a small town. According to Jordan P. prospectus, the Jordan sports brand, born in Fujian city of Jinjiang Province in 1984 by Chen Tai, was a native of China children "". Jordan is the sports was founded in 1984 in Fujian County of Jinjiang province by Chen Tai commodity factory two, when the company's actual control of the old age population, is the Jordan sports is the actual control of Ding Guoxiong's father. Then introduced Ding Jiafang, Ding Jiatai, Yang Xueying three new shareholders, the restructuring of the establishment of Fujian Jordan. In December 22, 2009, Fujian Jordan changed to Limited by Share Ltd as a whole, that is, today's Jordan sports. , the company's current brand of sportswear, the use of "Jordan", "QIAODAN" text trademarks and corresponding graphic trademarks, the company was registered in April 16, 2002. It can be said that Jordan sports is a genuine domestic brand. for the main products of the company trademark "Jordan" and the former American occupation basketball star Michael · Jordan "confusingly, the prospectus of the company explained that the company and Michael · does not have any business relationship with Jordan, have never conducted business with its image and product promotion. "Jordan" as an ordinary foreigner's surname is not specific. the puzzle is why the company tried to whitewash "and Michael · Jordan", but "Michael · two sons of Jordan" is also the name to register? In this regard, the company prospectus did not make any explanation, the company staff yesterday also declined to comment when interviewed by reporters. Jordan's firm is suspected of infringement? this "statement" also raised a question, this "Jordan" on the other "Jordan" in the Chinese English translation, there will be suspected of infringement? , the prospectus said, Jordan sports names and trademarks are not infringe Michael Jordan name rights or other rights of the issuer since its inception in June 28, 2000, Michael Jordan never issuer name and registered trademark "Jordan" matters to the issuer raised any rights)